One Month

In one month my life will change. I won’t wake up and drive to Gigi’s house. I won’t get to have morning snuggles with my girl squirrel and sore fingernails from all of the back scratches given. Days at the pool will be over and impromptu trips to the zoo will be a thing of the past.


In one month my house will come to life with four little voices, eight running feet, and I’m sure, two confused (but thrilled) pups. I’ll have more diapers to change than I know what to do with and new rhythms to discover. Days will be long and spent learning about these new little humans.

In one month I will experience a devastating loss and wonderful new beginning.

So for the next month I will savor each kiss and cuddle, build memories each day, and reminisce about the past five years. I will clean, organize and put up baby gates.

Transitions are never easy for me . . . this time is no exception.



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