and here we are . . .

Today is my last Monday with Gigi. I’ve been sitting on the couch, ready to make the drive to her house for twenty minutes; I won’t need to leave for twenty more.


This won’t be the day that I had envisioned. The dogs have to go to the vet, Handy Randy is coming over to finish a few last minute projects to get the house ready for children (and insurance).

This past month has given me abundant practice at staying in the moment, choosing connection over reaction, savoring each moment. I’m not ready for this chapter to end, yet the story of Bethany and Gigi must continue.

Next Monday will be my first day with four new little ones. I won’t lie, I’m terrified. What if we don’t connect? What if they hate my food? What if they just cry at nap time? What if I don’t choose connect over reaction?

So here we are, ending one chapter and beginning a new one. I don’t know where this new adventure will take me, but I know where I’m coming from so I imagine it will be a wonderfully wild rollercoaster ride.




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